Blue Catamaran Charter is an independent agency specialized in the charter of bareboat and crewed catamarans in the Mediterranean and other locations worldwide.

We have been handling catamaran charters for many years and are able to offer you our know-how, courtesy, a wide range of vessels and our commitment to fully satisfying your desire for a happy, problem-free holiday.

Unlike other brokers, we do not own our own fleet of boats and this allows us to recommend the craft and crew that best meet your requirements without any ulterior motives.

If you make your booking through Blue Catamaran Charter, the cost is the same as when you book through the Catamaran owner, but there are three important advantages:

  1.  We do not have a preference for any boat in particular, but we only want to recommend the right one for you. All owners sing the praises of their craft, describing them as unique and inimitable. This may very well be true, but if you do not have the opinion of an independent third party, you will not be able to find this out until you step aboard.
  2. We are professionals: we handle requests in a quick and knowledgeable manner. We only work with reliable owners and operators whose professionalism we can guarantee.
  3. In order to provide a better guarantee for your holidays, we can offer you the chance to take out an insurance policy which safeguards return of the deposit you pay against possible cancellation of the rental for personal and specific reasons. If you are looking to spend your holidays aboard a catamaran, do not run any risks, choose a CATAMARAN CHARTER SPECIALIST.

During her studies in economics and business, Geraldine has always worked as a manager in organizing conferences. She has always been a lover of the sea and passionate about diving, with us she has managed to combine her organizational skills with the passion linked to the sea; he speaks fluent English and German and has been managing reservations for the site's catamarans for years.


He has graduated in Law, speaks four languages and is a professional skipper. He has been chartering on his own catamaran for many years and in 2005 he founded our Agency.


She worked as Hostess for Alitalia and Meridiana, speaks English fluently and has crossed the Atlantic several times with Vincenzo on their own catamaran.