Nautitech 40 OPEN

  • 2016
  • Proposal: 919
  • Destinations: Greece - Dodecanese, Ionian Islands, Cyclades
  • Harbour: Athens,Corfù,Rodi

In the Nautitech 40 open, the Nautitech design team and star designer Marc Lombard have succeeded in redefining the living space of a cruising catamaran. Whereas in the past the deck saloon and cockpit lounge have tended to be separate worlds, here they have been combined – resulting in a completely new feeling of space. Based on the experience that daily life takes place in the cockpit, on a 40-foot vessel, either the cockpit lounge or saloon generally suffer from size limitations, but here, the two areas have simply been combined. This in turn has only been made possible with the help of a sophisticated tarpaulin system. As a result, dinners and parties will no longer be disturbed by wind or weather.

The ‘40 OPEN’ idea essentially consists in the fusion of the interior space with the cockpit lounge. In order to avoid creating two dis- appointingly small areas, the NAUTITECH designers and Marc Lombard decided to create a large roofed cockpit lounge and leave the actual saloon as a generously sized pantry plus a combined navigation corner and seating area. In bad weather, or if you need privacy, the tarpaulin system makes it possible for the lounge to be partially or completely closed off.

The pantry in the saloon is excellently equipped and designed for practicality. All lockers and utensils are within easy reach. The cosy navigation and seating area directly adjoining offers a perfect over- view of the entire ship, and is a welcome retreat at odd moments when you want a coffee or a snack.

The cabins are spacious and the two toilettes (one per hull) are ample and equipped with separate shower boxes.

The slim but stable hull design offers optimum sailing performance and speed. The NAUTITECH 40 OPEN rapidly gets underway and is easy to handle and the two steering stations provide a perfect overview and ideal visibility in all manoeuvres and changes of wind direction. 

Rent rates | Bareboat (without skipper)
Bassa Stagione Alta Stagione
3.000 € 6.400 €

Skipper (optional) 1330 €
Hostess (optional) 1170 €
Mandatory End Clean 170 €
Outboard 80 €
Safety Net 280 €

Bed linen, towels, dinghy is included

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The weekly rentals are always from Saturday to Saturday

The weekly rentals are always from Saturday to Saturday